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Music That Rock by Daniel Bennier
Music That Rocks, a life long passion for Daniel Bennier 

Music That Rocks offers a practical approach to learning music.

Kids With Sticks is the first release of many to come with the focus being on the drums. The coloured note system allows drum notation to be read and understood very quickly. The focus is on what you need to know to start playing.

Music That Rock by Daniel Bennier
Music That Rock by Daniel Bennier

What is coming next from Music That Rocks is more drumming books and songs along with other instrument tuition books and videos such as Guitar Heaven, Bassland, and Kids On Keys.

Stay tuned

The Music That Rocks programs are designed for everyone with no previous experience required. Super simple and keeping it real.


Let’s make some noise!!

Music That Rock by Daniel Bennier
Music That Rock by Daniel Bennier
Music That Rock by Daniel Bennier
Daniel Bennier

The approach to this book is based on my experience as a professional musician, school teacher and father, on extensive study of music at school, TAFE and university and on playing music every weekend. Through the activity of playing came a realisation about the foundations of composing and song writing and how simple concepts delivered well are all that is needed in music. It is from this experience that I approach teaching and sharing music now. 

Through the inspiration of playing, the understanding of music is developed. Through playing, you naturally start to question what is next and go there with ease. 

This also supports a child’s ability to improvise and compose their own songs.

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