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Purchasing A Drum Kit

There are brands that have been the leaders in the field of electric drums kits. I have always used Yamaha and Roland. I remember the first time I saw one in the mid 90’s at the rehearsal studios (showing my age and explains the grey hair).

The beginner market has become a lot more competitive with other brands such as Alesis offering excellent deals.

Things to consider when looking at kits. I suggest you get a package deal that includes headphones, sticks, a drum stool (referred to as a throne in drumming land), and a kick pedal. These items if purchased separately will be more expensive. A music stand is also essential and this is usually a separate purchase as I haven’t seen a package deal for drums that includes a stand.

Second hand kits are perfectly ok to start with. The main thing is to trust when looking at pre-loved kits, and ask yourself how does it feel? Trust your feeling and if there is any slight hesitation then wait. Trust that you do know if the kit your looking at is right for your home. A lot of kits if cared for properly will last more than ten years.

It is essential for the module (referred to as the brain in drumming land) to have an auxiliary out jack. These inputs are generally 3.5mm which is the same size as the phone jack on mobile phones. This is the where you plug the tablet, phone or laptop into so you can play along to the audio tracks. This is a standard input but something to look for.

Do your homework, look at kits and get a feel for what is available. I have had great success in purchasing pre-loved kits.


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