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Who Is Your Best Teacher?

One of my favourite questions to ask my students is: “Who is the best teacher you will ever have?”

Most students after my prompting come to the realisation that who I am referring to themselves.

Again from my own experience is wasn’t until it came to crunch time that I really got to understand the basics that all previous teachers had talked about. When a subject such as music becomes assessment based like it has to in standard education it can miss the point and become more about the assessments.

Up to this point, until I came to this conclusion, I was looking for someone else to provide the answers for me. With this cloud over me even if the answers or approaches to music where provided I couldn’t see them.

With this in mind and knowing that I am no different to anyone else the material in my books is minimal for the very reason that music can be a life long exploration. It can be very confronting and seemingly to huge to ever get to where you want to get to. So to keep it as simple as possible I have stripped it back for you to learn something that sounds cool, is practical and that it really us up to you as to what you do next with what is presented in these programs.


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